You Inherited a Title. What’s Next?

Inheriting a property is a big deal, and along with that property comes a title. However, it’s not often a cut-and-dry process. There may be many legal steps involved before you own that property free and clear. The process itself can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t have professional guidance.


Make it Legal

The first thing you need to do after inheriting a title is transfer it to your name. However, a title can only be transferred if you have substantial proof to claim it. The most legally binding document of verification would be a will and testament. If there isn’t one, it could get a little tricky. In this case, the property, and therefore the title, would go to the legal heirs. Then, the distribution would be decided mutually or through the court. Legal heirs can pass on their rights to a single heir or another person if they choose. Once all this is decided and made legal, documents can be transferred to make it official.

Transfer of Property Title

Once the property is legally transferred to your name, you’ll need to apply for transfer of the property title. This process records the transfer of the title from one person to another in the land revenue records. Legally this is necessary for the purpose of property tax payments or utility connection transfers. Innovation Title is happy to assist in this process.


If you’ve inherited a title and don’t know where to begin, don’t worry – just call Innovation Title.