Monthly Archives: September 2021

Different Ways to Hold Title

A person can own real estate for their primary residence or an investment rental property. For either type of use, a title will legally identify their ownership of the property. There are different kinds of real estate titles, and it’s essential to understand the details of each so you can properly assist and advise your&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Transfer of a Deed

As a real estate agent or a mortgage broker, you’ve probably received many questions from clients regarding the transfer of a deed. Some homeowners may want to transfer a property to a family member or business associate. Others may wish to donate a property to charity. All the options involve the transfer of a deed.&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]

Let’s Explore the New Mortgage Underwriting Technology

Recently, Fannie Mae launched a brand-new feature in its automated mortgage underwriting system. The goal was to incorporate their customers’ rent payments in the mortgage credit review process. Let’s explore this new underwriting technology and what it means for mortgage loans in the future.   Single-Family Lenders Beginning in September of this year, Fannie Mae’s&nbsp&nbsp[Read more…]