Signs of a Great Title Company

Are you a real estate agent or attorney looking to build a relationship with a great title company? If so, here are some things you should look for to identify a great company.


Individualized Personal Support

Today’s business world is entirely digitized. We do everything online, from paying bills to networking. But when it comes to real estate transactions, personal phone calls or face-to-face meetings can make all the difference. You should find a title company that you can call to ask questions or have the option to meet in person if necessary. However, if you prefer online services or meetings, those should be available as well. Real estate transactions can be complicated, so getting answers to your questions in a timely manner is critical.

Prompt Communication

There’s a lot of moving parts that happen during real estate transactions. As a result, it’s important to receive timely communication from your title company regarding the property’s title. If problems arise, you’ll want to be able to keep up with the progress of title searches and related matters. When a title company answers your calls and emails right away and keeps you continually updated, you can be confident that the title is being adequately taken care of.

Stress-Free Closing

The closing doesn’t need to be stressful when it comes to the title portion of the real estate transaction. Great title companies know how to remove the stress by professionally handling the title process and keeping a constant line of communication open with you. This means a transparent, estimated timeline and explaining each step of the process. You can rely on the fact that the title process is being professionally taken care of so you can focus on other areas of the closing.


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