Our Services

Residential Transactions 

Whether you are a buyer, seller, broker, mortgage lender, builder, developer and or an attorney, allow us to clear your concerns as our experienced staff clear clouds on title by way of our comprehensive title searches, title clearance and title insurance policies, to enable the efficient transfer of real estate. 

Commercial Transactions 

Our staff handles critical elements of New Jersey regulations for commercial transactions and provides the optimal opportunity to propel these deals to the finish line. 

Foreclosure & REO Transactions 

As foreclosure and REO transactions are becoming more prevalent in the New Jersey real estate industry, our staff is well versed in handling the unique and challenging scenarios that come with mortgage and tax lien foreclosure situations. Our experienced team members work with lenders, attorneys, asset managers, third-party portfolio investors, real estate agents and buyers of REO properties to ensure compliant title results every time. Allow us to be your secure partner for foreclosure title services. 

Settlement Services 

Our personal approach is supported by our network of resources to prioritize your client’s needs to close quickly and efficiently. 

We provide: 

  • Title insurance—complete array of ALTA title insurance products
  • Full closing—curative work, HUD preparation, signing, disbursement and post-closing loan package review
  • Escrow and signing services
  • Deed Preparation 

Recording Services 

We offer Deed Preparation, Deed Transfer, Deed Recording as well as Mortgage Recording services to be an all-encompassing resource for our clients. 

Mobile Closing Services 

Our mobile closing department consists of a roster of experienced closers ready to guide the closing from beginning to end, whether it is at our office, a law office or any other professional setting agreed upon by all parties. Elevating our client’s experience is always on our radar.